Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Love Is

Love is:
*Staying up late to make cookies for her birthday, when you should be packing because you're moving.  In a week.
*Buying her jelly shoes, even though you hate them.
*Letting her crawl into your bed in the wee hours of the morning (because you like it, too).
*Looking like a fool running through the parking lot, because she asked you to.
*Finding the amusement in raspberries blown on your tummy - "it's the best, Mommy, because it jiggles".
*Making her laugh when you both feel like crying.
*Teaching her the hard things.
*Letting her like you a little less, because she'll respect you more.  (Keep teaching the hard things.)
*Sharing your favorite treats.  Your favorite.  Until they're gone.
*Being silly, just because.
*Remembering to say "I love you", and letting her know it will never change.
*What helps me get up in the morning, and keeps me going until that night (which is, technically, the next morning).
*Trusting (I'm working on that one).
*Perfect, even in all the personal imperfections.

Thank you, to all of you who love me.  You make my life perfect [even amid all of my imperfections].  I love you.

Did I mention that food is one of my love languages?

These cookie sandwiches remind me of the double doozies I used to beg for at the mall - from Great American Cookies (although I though it was called the American Cookie Company).

Chloe's Birthday Sandwich Cookies

Make a batch of Walnut Cookies, but leave out all mix-ins.
After rolling into balls, dip one side into sprinkles of your choice, then flatten slightly with the bottom of a cup.
When you bake, make sure there is no browning around the edges; just cook until set.
Let cool completely.  Put some frosting in between, squeeze together, and serve!

Wilton Frosting

Mix until creamy:
  • 1 ¼ cups shortening
  • ¼ cup softened butter

  • 3 teaspoons vanilla

Gradually add:
  • 2 pounds powdered sugar
  • ½ cup milk (more or less as needed for desired consistency)


DeNae / SHP said...

That was lovely. And I can't believe it's birthday time again! AND YOU'RE MOVING??? WHERE?? WHEN?? WHYYYYYY???

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